Juventus vs Chievo Verona highlights (1-1)

Defending champion, Juventus still can't get themselves any win in this new Serie A season as the were held at home by Chievo.

Losing their first two games, Juve were determined to turn things around as they face high flying Chievo side.

It was not an easy task though, especially since their opponent have been playing well in their first two games.

Eventually it was Chievo that got themselves in front when Perparim Hetemaj scored after just five minutes.

Juve tried hard to get back on level terms, but were just struggling to break down their opponent's defense.

Fortunately, luck was still on their favor as on 83 minutes they got that equalizing goal, which was scored by Paulo Dybala who converted from the spot.

Juventus vs Chievo Verona . Score: 1-1.

Juventus v Chievo Verona goals:

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