Jiangsu Sainty vs Guangzhou Evergrande highlights (1-1)

Jiangsu Sainty 1 vs 1 Guangzhou Evergrande highlights 22.10

Highlights: Chinese Super League current league leader, Guangzhou Evergrande were aiming to maintain their top spot as they travel to second place Jiangsu Sainty on the weekend.

With only three points separating those two teams and also three games left in the league, the stage was set for an epic battle. Sainty were off to a good start as they scored straight from kick off through Ji Xiang's effort.

Knowing that a defeat would jeopardize their lead in the table, Evergrande started to pour forward in search for the equalizer. The visitor effort finally paid off soon after the re-start when Jiang Ning's wonderful strike flew inside Sainty's goal.

The match ended in a 1-1 draw, meaning there's no changes in the table order with Evergrande looking even closer to win the title.

Jiangsu Sainty vs Guangzhou Evergrande . Score: 1-1.

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