Italy vs Spain highlights (4-2)

Italy 4 vs 2 Spain highlights 6.7

Italy's Jorginho, who scored the decisive penalty: “It is incredible, we had to suffer because Spain is a great team and play very well. They make you run and so difficult to play against them. In the end it was well deserved. Enjoy tonight then think of the last one.

“We believe in ourselves from the first time we were together almost three years ago. Roberto Mancini always said he believed in us and it good to have that feeling. We started growing up as a group and tram and we support each other. The result in the end is most important.

“This group, with this support, we are ready for any game against anyone. Italy always knew how to defend, suffer and run and now we are playing good football so this group is ready to play against anyone. We were waiting for this big moment, this big challenge and now we are here and we will see what is going to happen.”
Italy keeper Gianluigi Donnarumma: "I was calm before penalties because I knew I could help the team. I'd like to thank everyone, as now we are only one step away from realising our dream. Spain are very strong, but this Italy side has a lot of courage, we never give up.

"Spain caused us a lot of trouble with their possession, but I think we deserve to play in the final. I don't want to talk about the final now, I want to enjoy the moment. We'll think about it when we have to."

Italy vs Spain . Score: 4-2.

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