Italy vs England highlights (3-2)

Italy 3 vs 2 England highlights 11.7

"The guys were extraordinary. I don’t have words for them, this is a magnificent group. There were no easy games and this one became very difficult, but then we dominated," Italy coach Roberto Mancini told Sky TV. "You need a bit of luck with penalties and I'm a little sorry for England. This team has grown so much, I think it can still improve. We are so happy for all," he added. (Source: Reuters)
England striker Harry Kane was devastated to have come so close. "We got off to the perfect start, maybe dropped a little bit too deep. When you score that early it's easy to try to soak up the pressure and try to hold on to that, and that's probably what happened," he told the BBC. "They had a lot of the ball, they had a lot of possession, but to be fair we looked fairly in control, they didn't create too many chances, and then obviously they got their breakthrough."

Italy vs England . Score: 3-2.

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