Inverness Caledonian vs Ross County highlights (1-2)

Inverness Caledonian 1 vs 2 Ross County highlights 2.1

Inverness Caledonian Thistle failed to make a bright start on their new year Scottish Premier League fixture after they were defeated by struggling Ross County side on Wednesday. Playing in front of their home crowd, Caley were looking keen on presenting them with all three points, but things didn't turn out well for the host. Instead of taking the first blow in that midweek battle, Inverness found themselves trailing after only 15 minutes of play through Scott Boyd's effort.

Things got even tougher for the home team when two minutes later, Ross County were able to double their lead, this time from Alex Cooper's goal. Caley tried their best to get back into that tie, but their effort only awarded them with one goal late in the second period through Aaron Doran, who scored in the 89th minute. There wasn't much time left for the host to get an equalizing goal as that game ended in a surprise 2-1 win for County.

Inverness Caledonian vs Ross County . Score: 1-2.

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