Hannover 96 vs Hertha BSC highlights (1-1)

Hannover 96 1 vs 1 Hertha BSC highlights 6.10

Hannover 96 1-1 Hertha BSC highlights: Hannover's attempt in chasing for top four seat in current Bundesliga standings suffered a short delay this weekend as they were held into a draw by their rival, Hertha Berlin on Saturday.

The home side put on a positive effort early on and earned their reward when Christian Schulz puts them ahead after 23 minutes of play. Unfortunately, that lead was eventually canceled out when Ronny netting home the equalizing goal on 81 minutes. With not much time left in the clock, both sides were eventually forced to settle for a disappointing 1-1 draw.

Hannover 96 vs Hertha BSC . Score: 1-1.

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