Gremio vs Santos highlights (2-0)

Gremio 2 vs 0 Santos highlights 30.8

Gremio 2-0 Santos FC highlights: Gremio secured a ticket into the next stage of Copa do Brasil campaign as they snatched an important second leg victory over Santos this past midweek.

Having to overcome a 1-0 deficit from their first leg battle, Gremio immediately set themselves on the offensive, but breaking down their opponent's defense was not an easy task, especially in the first 45 minutes which ended in a goalless draw. The home side didn't stop their offensive attitude though as they finally got the opening goal on 55 minutes through Souza. That goal gave strong confidence for the host players as they eventually snatched that important winning strike through Werley two minutes from time.

Gremio vs Santos . Score: 2-0.

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