Granada vs Mallorca highlights (1-2)

Granada 1 vs 2 Mallorca highlights 3.3

Granada Vs Mallorca Highlights: Mallorca came from behind and defeated Granada with a last minute goal from Hemed. This result secures them their 1rst victory in 10 games.

Granada took the early lead through Manuel Agudo as he connected with a cross from Allan Nyom and after being left unmarked by the opposition he had plenty of time and space to position himself around where the ball was arriving and headed it into the net.

Unfortunately for the hosts, they lost their advantage only 4 minutes later when Giovani Dos Santos was bursting down the left hand wing and just barely managed to slip the ball inside the center of the penalty box where Alejandro Alfaro was located and only had to tap it as he scored the equalizer.

With injury time added on it seemed as if the match would conclude with each side sharing 1 point each but a late corner kick saw Tomer Hemed taking the game into his hands as he was the last player to touch the ball and head it inside the net of Granada’s goalkeeper who tried to deny Hemed from scoring but the ball went past the goal-line edging out the victory for Mallorca.

Granada vs Mallorca . Score: 1-2.

Granada v Mallorca goals:

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