Getafe vs Levante highlights (0-1)

Getafe 0 vs 1 Levante highlights 21.10

Highlights:Getafe Vs Levante was not really the most exciting of games of this week as both sides struggled to create any real danger moments for their opponents.

With the minutes being ticked down it was becoming a match that saw the ball being exchanged between a number of players and no club having the ability to actually retain it under their control for a long period of time.

Not many shots were taken as the goalkeepers for both sides did not have much to do, until the substitute Michel arrived and fired a sublime shot that went straight into the net of Miguel Moya. This goal gave Levante their 1rst away victory from this season.

Getafe vs Levante . Score: 0-1.

Getafe v Levante goals:

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