Genoa vs AC Milan highlights (0-2)

Genoa 0 vs 2 AC Milan highlights 8.3

Genoa Vs AC Milan Highlights: Ac.Milan keep up their positive results with yet another victory which maintains their 3rd place with 51 points meanwhile Genoa are sitting in the last 4 spots with 26 points they are barely just above the relegation zone.

The team of Massimiliano Allegri however did not have the best of starts in this particular match as it was Genoa who initially went into the pitch and had the best performance. Although gradually they were causing more and more danger with shots being launched by the attacking line consisting of Shaarawy,Niang and Pazzini.

Just as the attempts from Ac.Milan were initiating it didn’t take a long time for them to find the opening goal following a number of rebounds inside the penalty box of Genoa which ultimately fell to the path of Pazzini who blasted it into the roof the Sebastian Frey’s net.

A number of penalty claims were being made by the players of Genoa as the ball was touching the left hand of Zapata and some minutes later it touched Niang but nonetheless the referee just waved on for the match to continue on.

Mario Balotelli entered the match replacing Pazzini who had to leave the match due to injury and the former Manchester City player scored his 5th goal with the Ac.Milan jersey after being unleashed down the right flank and just blasting it into the opposing side of the net as it concluded 2-0.

Genoa vs AC Milan . Score: 0-2.

Genoa v AC Milan goals:

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