Fulham vs Everton highlights (2-2)

Fulham 2 vs 2 Everton highlights 3.11

Fulham Vs Everton Highlights:Everton maintain their top 5 spots of the Premier League standings following a 2-2 draw against Fulham. Marouane Fellaini netted twice in 2nd half but Fulham responded with Steve Sidwell at the very last minute of official time.

An early free-kick in the game resulted in the opening goal as Bryan Ruiz took charge of the set-piece and his effort went over the defensive wall until reaching the back of the net. The goal was however given to the goalkeeper Tim Howard himself as he did manage to touch the ball before it entering his own net.

The restart of the match and Everton entered the pitch looking as a different team with pressure upfront and going all out in the attack. It was only a matter of time until they could find the equalizer which as a matter of fact they did with Mirallas rushing his own wing and releasing the ball to Fellaini as he scored from point blank range.

Fellaini put his team on the lead minutes later after he received a pass from Coleman and despite having 2 defenders around him, he still was able to score his 2nd but Steve Sidwell fired the last goal of the evening as he tied everything up 2-2.

Fulham vs Everton . Score: 2-2.

Fulham v Everton goals:

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