Fulham vs Aston Villa highlights (0-3)

Fulham 0 vs 3 Aston Villa highlights 28.9

Aston Villa manager Dean Smith speaking to BBC Sport: "They gave me everything and they've continued to do that since the end of last season. I feel like we've added well to the squad. The players that were there at the end of last season also have improved and there are lots of positives."

On Jack Grealish: "We've been working on breakthrough runs with Jack and it was a great run, great finish and it's all you can ask for. We felt they would be quite high [defensively] and there would be space to run into them.

"[Grealish] is a special player and a special talent. I think he would be the first to say we've improved as a team. We've improved and it helps take the pressure off him a bit, it was an all round great performance tonight."

On John McGinn: "He's a tremendous player and a tremendous character in the dressing room. John is probably the biggest character in that dressing room. On the pitch he covers every blade of grass.

"This season we have added quality to the squad. That will to win and keep the ball out the back of the net is a fine balance but it's what we're finding at the moment. We just want to win the next game. It's a tough one, Liverpool at home, but we want to keep improving each game. Performances and results like tonight can only help that."

On any further signings: "We're still looking, the Sport Director has his finger firmly on the pulse and we'll be looking until the window shuts."

Fulham manager Scott Parker speaking to BBC Sport: "It's difficult [to explain] really. For large parts I liked us. I thought we had a real quality about us but I'm stood here now for third game repeating myself.

"The first time they get into our box we concede, the second time the same. You can't give away goals like we have given away goals in this league. We need to improve.

"I think from what I've seen in terms of endeavour and not giving up - I've seen that against Leeds and I've seen that again tonight - we can keep working and try to improve but I think it's clear to everyone what we need to do. Whether that's on the training ground or in the market, that's what we're going to do.

"I thought I would put another defender in there to be a bit more solid and have more control and I thought we did that well and we caused them a lot of problems, but you can't give up goals like we're giving them up. It's unacceptable some of the goals against us and we need to learn from them.

"I said from the outset [after promotion] and when we sat down with people at the football club - I know where we were and where we are now. It's going to be a tough year, we're going to face a tough challenge and we need to work out if we want to compete in this league or just be a passenger."

On whether he thinks he will be able to add to his squad: "Hopefully. As I said the transfer window is what it is and bringing in players is difficult. Let's see come the end of the window."

Fulham vs Aston Villa . Score: 0-3.

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