Fulham vs Tottenham highlights (0-1)

Conte said: “I am really proud to be Tottenham manager. I had the possibility of being the manger of an important club, it makes me proud and this has to be clear to everybody.
“For this reason I want to fight until the end with my players…I spoke with my players and I have good players, but especially good men. They understand we have to fight until the end for the important positions, we have to be ready to suffer.”

“When I accepted to become Tottenham manager, I was happy and I am happy. In every moment and every second of my day, my first thought is for my player and club and to improve. And to make our fans proud of the team.

“The Premier League is not simple, it is difficult and there are many clubs ready to spend a lot of money to for the team. We are in the right direction then we will see.
“The most important thing for me is to work with my players and to have a good relationship with the club.”

Fulham vs Tottenham . Score: 0-1.

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