Fulham vs West Ham United highlights (0-0)

Fulham 0 vs 0 West Ham United highlights 6.2

Fulham boss Scott Parker : “The players gave me everything. To a man in terms of endeavour, work ethic, desire, they were second to none. I think you saw a team with a lot of quality about it. I thought West Ham were second best for large parts.
“We’ve not managed to be clinical in those final moments. It’s something we’re conscious of.
“We controlled it for large parts. The big chances, we haven’t been able to convert.
“It [not scoring] is the difference. It’s not a confidence thing. That’s not a team that lacks confidence. I’d be more concerned if we weren’t creating chances. We need help in that sense. We need to keep working hard.
“We need to be on the right end of a result. I feel if we can get the right side of a result I can see us winning two or three on the bounce. I see a team who could win some football matches.”
On the Tomas Soucek red card: “It looked harsh, didn’t it? It’s the way the game’s going. It’s becoming sterile. Mike Dean was a ref when I was playing. He’s probably contemplating is that a red card today? I don’t think it is.”

West Ham boss David Moyes, on the red card: "I'm embarrassed for whoever has done VAR tonight.
"It was obvious to everyone it was accidental. I'm really embarrassed they chose to send him off.
"We want them to get the decisions right. It comes down to a poor decision and we can't do much about it.
"It's unfair to the boy. I'm sure they will come up with enough excuses to justify the reason for sending him off."
"We didn't play as well as we have been. Sometimes the games can catch up on you quickly.
"Fulham were the better team - we cant deny that. I don't think the quality of our play was right from the start. Several things didn't work from the start
o tell, a horrible start again conceding goals far too easy and it is always tough to fight back, we tried it and but did not do it well in the end. We have chances in the second half but not enough to deserve to win.
"In the moment we miss the goals from our strikers. If we equalise the whole game can go in a different direction. It is good some players are coming back and we must quickly find the reset button.
"I was sure very pleased (about the support) and I felt we could give something back today. A tough situation we are in at the moment but we have to find a way out as quickly as possible.
"As I said, we know we can do it better, we have shown it this season. It is not possible to win at 70-80%, we know we are only strong when we play at our best"

Fulham vs West Ham United . Score: 0-0.

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