FSV Mainz 05 vs Bayern Munich highlights (1-2)

FSV Mainz 05 1 vs 2 Bayern Munich highlights 21.12

Bayern Munich can't seem to stop their winning trend in Bundesliga, as they grabbed another three points this weekend by defeating Mainz.

Playing away from home, Bayern were on for a tough match as their opponent were very much up to the task.

The host even managed to get themselves ahead when a fine attacking move was finished off by Elkin Soto on 21 minutes.

However, that lead didn't last long as three minutes later, Bayern drew level thanks to a lovely free kick from Bastian Schweinsteiger.

The match continue to look tight after the break, and it seems to be heading for a 1-1 draw, with both sides not keen on giving away anything.

Unfortunately for the home side, their opponent's champions mentality was shone as right in the 90th minute Pep Guardiola's men turned things around with a goal from Arjen Robben.

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FSV Mainz 05 vs Bayern Munich . Score: 1-2.

FSV Mainz 05 v Bayern Munich goals:

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