FC Porto vs Paris Saint-Germain FC highlights (1-0)

FC Porto 1 vs 0 Paris Saint-Germain FC highlights 3.10

Porto had to wait until the 83rd minute for James Rodriguez to score the only goal of the match but it was more than enough for them to clinch a victory against Paris Saint-Germain.

The French titans, Paris Saint- Germain were the big favorites in winning this encounter but neither Thiago Silva nor Ibrahimovic could find the back of the net like they did in their last Champions League fixture.

Chances arrived for both sides throughout the game but the only one that would actually matter and make a difference happened when Fernando headed the ball into the center of the penalty box and Rodriguez smashed it into the further side of the net.

FC Porto vs Paris Saint-Germain FC . Score: 1-0.

FC Porto v Paris Saint-Germain FC goals:

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