Nordsjælland vs Chelsea highlights (0-4)

Nordsjælland 0 vs 4 Chelsea highlights 2.10

Group E experienced a change in their top spot as Chelsea overwhelmed Nordsjaelland in every possible way and this was noticeable in the final scoreboard that displayed 4-0 with Chelsea comfortably running the show from start till end.

Eden Hazard was surprisingly dropped out from the starting XI of Roberto Di Matteo while Juan Mata was included and made an impeccable performance. The Spanish attacker was the 1rst of his team to shackle the opposition. Fernando Torres managed to steal the ball from Enoch Adu and dropped the ball back to Frank Lampard who slipped it into an empty space and just where Juan Mata was bursting as he smacked it home.
The remaining minutes of this 1rst half and the hosts just seemed without motivation while the Premier League side Chelsea was more than happy to enter their dressing room being in the lead 1 goal ahead.

Nordsjaelland came back to the game with a different momentum and now they looked as a team that
wanted to make a comeback. Petr Cech had his work cut out as he had to stay at the tip of his toes in order to deny the opposition from scoring and indeed he made a number of World Class saves keeping a clean sheet throughout the entire match.

Following the stunning free-kick of David Luiz as he scored the 2nd of the evening, it was all over for Nordsjaelland as 2 more goals were scored in just under 10 minutes. Juan Mata came back into the score-board with a short range tap that went under the goalkeeper Hansen and finally Ramires finding the back of the net at the 89th minute with the simplest of touches.

Nordsjælland vs Chelsea . Score: 0-4.

Nordsjælland v Chelsea goals:

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