Everton vs Mancehster United highlights (1-1)

Everton 1 vs 1 Mancehster United highlights 1.3

Carlo Ancelotti to Match of the Day on his red card: "When I saw the red card it was a disappointment. I asked for an explanation and afterwards, I had a conversation with him - I want to keep that private."

On Everton's disallowed goal: "The decision was difficult. From our side, we say Gylfi [Sigurdsson] didn't affect the vision of the goalkeeper and they decided differently. Sometimes it is right sometimes it is wrong. But the performance gives us more confidence that we can compete with these teams.

"I don't think [David de Gea's view was obstructed]. His vision was clear, but the ball moved past really close to [Sigurdsson] - it's really difficult, it is not an objective decision, it is subjective."

Ole Gunnar Solskaer to Match of the Day on David de Gea's error: "It's something that happens in football once in a while if you take too long on the ball. Calvert-Lewin always chases everything and it's unfortunate that it goes in the goal. We responded and got the goal we deserved."

On the impact of Bruno Fernandes: "He's a good player and we have been missing that type of player to do that for us, I'm very pleased with his contribution."

Everton vs Mancehster United . Score: 1-1.

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