Everton vs Aston Villa highlights (3-3)

Everton 3 vs 3 Aston Villa highlights 2.2

Everton Vs Aston Villa Highlights: Everton claimed their stake when playing against Aston Villa and had to agree to what was a thrilling 3-3 draw.

Which leaves them 1 point behind Chelsea and 3 above Arsenal in a 5th place spot while Aston Villa is sitting in the last 2 spots of the standings.

Aston Villa did not take very long to break the deadlock as the timer was only showing 2 minutes having gone by and the visitors already took the lead.

Benteke was released down the left wing and despite having a defender around him; he still managed to slip the ball into the opposing side of where Tim Howard was standing.

Victor Anichebe cancelled out the early goal of Benteke when he fired a left-footed strike that went right past Guzan at the 21rst minute. The goals continued on arriving with Gabriel Agbonlahor making the most of a corner that was launched and heading it home.

The visitors extended their lead to 3-1 when Benteke scored his 2nd goal of the evening at the 61st minute but however Fellaini found the back of the net in 2 occasions which turned the final scoreboard into a 3-3 draw.

Everton vs Aston Villa . Score: 3-3.

Everton v Aston Villa goals:

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