Everton vs Sunderland highlights (2-1)

Everton 2 vs 1 Sunderland highlights 10.11

Everton Vs Sunderland Highlights:Everton so far are doing a very positive campaign in this season of the Premier League as they stand at the 4th place only some points behind Manchester City and Chelsea but the same cannot be said about Sunderland as they are trying to fight off the relegation zone.

Sunderland took a 1rst half lead with Adam Johnson being the goal-scorer but the home side changed the tide of the match as they emerged victorious at the end of it all.

In what was the last minute of the 1rst half Sunderland got the lead with Johnson scoring through a volley just before entering the dressing room.

They failed on maintaining their minimum lead as Fellaini fired a shot that went past Sunderland’s goalkeeper and into his own net. Only 3 minutes later and Everton got in the lead with Jelavic scoring the 2nd and last goal of Everton which sealed their comeback and victory.

Everton vs Sunderland . Score: 2-1.

Everton v Sunderland goals:

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