Everton vs Manchester United highlights (1-3)

Everton 1 vs 3 Manchester United highlights 7.11

Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti speaking to BBC Sport: "We have to stabilise the defence, this is for sure, but it is not a problem individually - it is collective work and this is absolutely normal.
"It is fortunate that there is an international break This was a really difficult, bad period for us and I hope that is finished. I hope we can come back from the international break in the way we started this season.
"It was not an easy game for sure. But I think second half we had a good quality of football."

Manchester United manger Ole Gunnar Solskjaer speaking to BBC Sport: "We were set up to fail. How can you defend that with the games we have got. We are in the Champions League- try to help us out. We have lost players through injury today because of the demands today. Luke Shaw, Marcus Rashford. All I want to talk about is the character of the boys, they were set up to fail.
"Of course you're happy with the win. I said before the game I would talk about this. How in these times can you not think about the players. We are in the Champions League, help us out. Put us on the Sunday, we have lost players today - why are we not playing on Sunday night? There's no common sense."
On Bruno Fernandes: "He wasn't going to let people enjoy us losing today. He's a great character, like everyone else. You saw the determination in the team, they are absolutely on their knees towards the end because they're tired of course."
On Edinson Cavani's first goal: "Very happy for him. Brilliant to get that first goal, I know it takes the pressure off your shoulders. Hopefully he gets time for the national team and comes back sharp again."
On Jordan Pickford's return to the starting side: "I'm going to rotate some games - but I think it is not a problem for me, for Jordan Pickford or for Robin Olsen."

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes to BBC Sport: "The point is winning the game. [I set up Edinson Cavani because] for a striker it is important to score for his confidence, he will be important for us and the first goal will give him confidence.

"I don't need to think about a hat-trick, I need to think about the future.
"Every game is important, we are not good in the league so these three points are important. We have a game in hand so we can go closer to the top of the table. We are not the best team now, and we are not the worst team after Istanbul.
"We will get better if we do the right things."

Everton vs Manchester United . Score: 1-3.

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