Everton vs Newcastle United highlights (0-2)

Everton 0 vs 2 Newcastle United highlights 30.1

"We were lazy, we were slow," Ancelotti said. "We were not focused.
"We conceded corners to them. We didn't win duels, second balls. The game is also about winning duels and second balls, avoiding corners and throw-ins. We were not on the pitch today."
The spirit was missing. I was surprised," he added. "We have good quality but you can only show that if you show the spirit. Without spirit there is no quality."
Bruce was understandably delighted at the final whistle as his team moved nine points clear of the relegation zone.

"There's no disputing it - it's been very difficult," he said.

"When you're on a bad run in the Premier League it's difficult whether you're [Arsenal boss] Mikel Arteta or [former Chelsea manager] Frank Lampard.

"You have to be brave and make these decisions. We're trying to be more on the front foot and push up the pitch. That's something we want to do more. We're a lot better.

"The players have enjoyed the change, certainly by looking at that performance today. What you need is a result to go with it, so today of course everybody's happy."

Everton vs Newcastle United . Score: 0-2.

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