Everton vs Liverpool highlights (0-0)

Everton 0 vs 0 Liverpool highlights 21.6

"We should not take him [Alisson] for granted," said Klopp.
"Absolutely outstanding. That's what a world-class goalkeeper is - nothing to do for pretty much 90 minutes then he's there."
"The point is one we deserve," added Klopp.

"Everton were well organised so we had to run a lot but we looked fit and ready.
"Now we've got three days. Crystal Palace looked good on Saturday and we have to make sure we are ready for Wednesday."

Everton will be better when Ancelotti has more of his own signings in the team, but the signs are still promising.

"Honestly we were really close to winning but it was a tough game, difficult game," Ancelotti said.
"We performed really well. We were focused, we sacrificed. We had opportunities to score at the end.
"Liverpool played a good game, they had more possession but defensively we were really good."

Everton vs Liverpool . Score: 0-0.

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