Delfino Pescara vs Juventus highlights (1-6)

Delfino Pescara 1 vs 6 Juventus highlights 10.11

Pescara Vs Juventus Highlights:The champions of Serie A and Serie B met in a game that saw Juventus destroying Pescara with an astonishing final result of 6-1. The visitors scored goal after goal as they did not face any real difficulty.

Arturo Vidal initiated the goal-fest as he scored the 1rst of what was going to be 6 goals for Juventus. He opened up the score at the 9th minute after receiving a deep pass from Giovinco and Vidal only had to place it into the opposing side of the net.

Quagliarella netted the 2nd for Juventus in a very similar manner as his fellow teammate Vidal as he placed the ball in the spot as the previous goal. Cascione managed to salvage 1 goal with Cascione who found the back of the net through a header but aside from this goal, it was all Juventus from this point on out.

Asamoah was next in line to make his mark with a bicycle kick from close range as he took full advantage of a mid-air ball and smashed it home.

Giovino and Quagliarella linked up wonderful and thanks to this was Giovinco’s goal at the 38th minute which would turn the score 4-1.

It would be Quagliarella once again who scored not once but twice as he completed his hat-trick and what was a stroll in the park for Juventus.

Delfino Pescara vs Juventus . Score: 1-6.

Delfino Pescara v Juventus goals:

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