Crystal Palace vs Watford highlights (1-0)

Crystal Palace 1 vs 0 Watford highlights 7.5

Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira : "It was a good win. I don't think it was our best performance but it was important to win and I'm happy with that result.

"To win by more you need to create chances. We created a couple in the first half but we didn't create enough in the second. We didn't move the ball quick enough to create those chances. I'm happy with the result but I wanted more from the team.

"We just have to keep challenging ourselves and keep improving. It wasn't our best performance and we managed to get the win, to control the game and we've shown improvement from the start of the season. On that side I'm really pleased because we're growing, players are getting more confidence and we are more solid as a team. Whether we get record points [tally], our performances will dictate that."

On Wilfried Zaha: "I believe that he can get more involved in our chances and he can score more goals because he's got that talent to put the ball in the back of the net."

Watford manager Roy Hodgson : "It wasn't the result we wanted but I think we were rather hard done by because the players are convinced that Hassane Kamara was pushed in the back and that's what provoked the penalty decision.

"But I don't feel hard done by by the team's performance. I thought they did extremely well against a very good Crystal Palace team and we remained competitive right to the end. Given our situation, I think that's a sterling effort from the players."

On whether he felt relegation had been inevitable for a while: "I don't think so. I think after missing our chances in those three home games we realised we were making life extremely hard for ourselves.

"But anyone who'd like to say there was an inevitability about our outcome and that the players had resigned themselves to the fact that they're going to go down then they haven't watched today's game. It gave no indication of that whatsoever and we were fighting right until the last minute to try to get an equaliser.

"I still think today there are signs that the players have taken on board a lot of the work we have done. I think the structure of the team is now as good as we can get it. There are individuals in the team who can make a difference as well.

"Their confidence might not be at the highest but I still think this team and this club has a lot to offer in the Premier League, but they'll first have to go through the Championship to get back."

Crystal Palace vs Watford . Score: 1-0.

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