Crystal Palace vs Watford highlights (1-0)

Crystal Palace 1 vs 0 Watford highlights 7.3

Hodgson was discussing the calibre of his team's attitude and brought up McArthur as a player who stood out in today's 1-0 victory.

He said: "I’ll give you a name of a guy who today didn’t have his best game for the club: James McArthur. When I took him off the field, he was still working his socks off, still running back, still making challenges, still fighting.

"And then he runs off the field, wants to shake hands with everyone and get on the bench and encourages us to go forward and wishes the guy who’s taking his place the best of luck. That’s the sort of player that if you can find them, and they can produce performances for you, you’ve got half a chance."

Crystal Palace vs Watford . Score: 1-0.

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