Crystal Palace vs Newcastle United highlights (1-0)

Crystal Palace 1 vs 0 Newcastle United highlights 22.2

Palace boss Roy Hodgson: "It was hard to lose three in a row especially when in the last two we were hard done by. We dominated the game but I am disappointed we had to suffer towards the end. When it's 1-0 they are never out of the picture.

"It's our first win in 2020. It was vitally important, and had we conceded in the last few minutes it would have been disastrous. That would have knocked us for six.

"But it's a win that moves us up the table and away from the relegation zone. We never lost sight that this would be a dogfight and we wanted to stay ahead of the curve on that."

Newcastle manager Steve Bruce: "The better team won. We have had decent possession, but we gave the ball away too cheaply especially when in good areas.

"We didn't ask questions, maybe it is a time to change - we have to score to win a game. It was difficult with the conditions, but we have no complaints saying the better team won."

On Lazaro's red card: "With 10 seconds to go, does the referee really have to send him off? Is a yellow not sufficient? But rules are rules, and we will abide by it.

"He played very well today, we didn't find him enough - in wide areas, we ignored the lad. We needed to get it out to him, but he played very well.

"Our biggest problem all season has been evident - we have to create more of a threat in the opponent's area. We have to look at it and analyse it. Maybe change is sometimes for the best."

Crystal Palace vs Newcastle United . Score: 1-0.

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