Corinthians vs Chelsea highlights (1-0)

Corinthians 1 vs 0 Chelsea highlights 16.12

Corinthians Vs Chelsea Highlights: The Brazilian side Corinthians clinched onto the Club World Cup trophy thanks to a 1-0 win against the Premier League team Chelsea who failed on capitalizing on the chances they created in the 2nd half.

It wasn’t really the most entertaining of 1rst half’s as the goal-scoring moments did not appear as much as both clubs would want them to be. Paolo Guerrero started early in threating the opposition and it was just looking as if Chelsea was not playing at their usual best.

Eden Hazard created the best chance of this part of the match as he sent a pass over to Moses but the young forward failed on finding the net.

When the 2nd half arrived the match sparkled into life with Chelsea entering the pitch more energetic while Corinthians kept on firing shots over to Petr Cech. Frank Lampard slipped a great pass over to Fernando Torres but the Spanish forward was denied from scoring.

The Belgium player Hazard was clearly one of the more active and dangerous players in Chelsea’s squad as he forced the goalkeeper of Corinthians on making saves and also slipping a number of passes over to his teammates that failed on scoring.

Paolo Guerrero would finally make the breakthrough and score the only goal of the match at the 69th minute when Paulinho arrived into the box of Chelsea until switching it over to Danilo who fired a shot that was deflected off of Cahill and the 28 years old Peruvian forward headed it past all the defenders that were left standing.

Corinthians vs Chelsea . Score: 1-0.

Corinthians v Chelsea goals:

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