Chelsea vs Crystal Palace highlights (4-0)

Chelsea 4 vs 0 Crystal Palace highlights 3.10

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard told BBC Sport: "There is a lot of reactionary stuff about us because of expectation. After West Brom people wanted to react. I don't and even after today I won't react too much, we are still working.

"I do think people have to remain calm. That's how I have to be, I can't get caught up in it. It's my job not to be reactionary and not get too upset or down. We got a lot of credit for coming fourth and now people have to stay calm, we are not going to go from there to 100 instantly."

On Abraham's dispute over taking a penalty, he added: "I don't mind Tammy's exuberance but that has been dealt with by Azpilicueta and then me in the dressing room. I don't mind a bit of conflict in the moment but it has been dealt with and won't happen again."

Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson said: "We were our own worst enemy today, with the two penalties. The only one you could say [was a good goal] was the Zouma header, from a looping cross, but even there you would hope your centre-backs could deal with it. In the end we find ourselves on the end of a heavy beating.

"As a team we were nowhere near as good as we need to be to come to Chelsea and cause them problems."

Chelsea vs Crystal Palace . Score: 4-0.

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