Chelsea vs Burnley highlights (3-0)

Chelsea 3 vs 0 Burnley highlights 11.1

"It was just what we needed in terms of performance. We should have scored more but I can't complain because we scored in the first half. We've got nervous before when we've had a measure of possession but not scored," Lampard said.

"We were so positive from minute one. It's a big win and one we must pick up on and replicate. It's a nice example of the standard we have set.

"It feels nice to smile in a game and enjoy what you are watching."
For Callum to score in the six-yard box is more exciting than him scoring from 30 yards without a doubt," said Lampard of Hudson-Odoi, who signed a five-year contract in July.
"It means he is willing to get in there. It wasn't the only time he did that. His overall performance was a statement of what he has to do.
"That was the real Callum. If he carries on like that we will have a real player."

Chelsea vs Burnley . Score: 3-0.

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