Chelsea vs Mancehster City highlights (2-1)

Chelsea 2 vs 1 Mancehster City highlights 25.6

"I’m delighted with Willian," Lampard told the Blues official website.
"He’s been great for me this season. The players look up to him. He’s a senior professional in the group.
"He has the quality and work ethic and it was a continuation of his form in big parts of the season."

Christian Pulisic scored his second goal
"Christian came in last summer, and he didn’t really get a break," Lampard told the Blues official website in wake of Chelsea's 2-1 win against City. "When he got in the team he was doing really well and then he got a really tough injury.

"I wanted to protect him a bit against Villa and see if he could make an impact. He did that. I always planned to start him against City because I know what he can bring in these sorts of games.
"He brought it and did really well. He’s a young player, he’s got so much talent, and he needs to keep working. He can get better and better."

Chelsea vs Mancehster City . Score: 2-1.

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