Chelsea vs Manchester City highlights (1-3)

Chelsea 1 vs 3 Manchester City highlights 3.1

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard told BBC Sport: "We made mistakes, individual mistakes, and didn't get close enough. They punished us.

"If you want to reach the top level which City have been for a few years now, you have to accept the pressures.

"The second half we competed but at 3-0 the game was pretty much done. I am not trying to talk up the last 20 minutes of the game because at 3-0 the vitals of the game have changed, but I was still looking for a reaction.

"I am not putting ourselves down. Today was painful in the first half in football terms because their level of play showed where we need to aspire to be. In the second half I saw a reaction, but the work needs to be done."
Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola told BBC Sport: "We played really well. It's unfortunate about the last goal but the result at Stamford Bridge is fantastic. Today we were back like we were two or three seasons ago. An important win at Chelsea away.

"The Premier League is weird for everything [this season]. We just have to be focused during the games but otherwise relax. Hopefully in the Premier League in the last six, seven games we can be there fighting."

Chelsea vs Manchester City . Score: 1-3.

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