Chelsea vs Leicester City highlights (1-1)

Chelsea 1 vs 1 Leicester City highlights 19.5

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel, speaking to BBC Sport, said: "It's not been such a difficult week. We had an excellent win at Leeds and a brilliant final which we lost.

"We tried to do well in effort and it's like a broken record as we deserved to win at home and we gave half a chance away and got punished from nothing.

"We didn't allow any chances for Leicester and finished with a point to secure third. It's what we have deserved. All season we have been first, second or third, very consistent. There's another level to Manchester City and Liverpool, a huge task to close to these two teams.

"But we had to defend our position against teams in Tottenham and Arsenal who had played far less games than us and we have taken the position we deserved."

Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers, speaking to BBC Sport: "We are disappointed with the goal. Apart from that concentration levels were good, we didn't have too many scares. It was the very least the players deserved.

"This is a top level squad, this is a team that was European champions last year. If you give them too much space they will hurt you. We like space high up the pitch but in this game it is a deeper space and from that concentration was good and we didn't give too much away.

"It has been a fantastic season in terms of the games we have played and the experiences the players have picked up. It has been a challenge because of injuries but we have an opportunity to finish eighth. If we can win the game then there is only West Ham in the top six above us and when you think of the criticism we have taken and have taken all through the season on what a disappointing season we have had, I think to finish eighth with everything that has gone against us this season my assessment is the players have done really well."

Chelsea vs Leicester City . Score: 1-1.

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