Cagliari vs Delfino Pescara highlights (1-2)

Cagliari 1 vs 2 Delfino Pescara highlights 30.9

This season of the Italian league has just started and already some teams are fighting to not get relegated which is the case for both of these clubs. Cagliari currently positioned at the last spot of the standings while Pescara keeping their heads above the water but just barely.

Pescara squeezed a victory against Cagliari with Terlizzi scoring the 1rst of the game through a free-kick that was fortunate enough for him to hit a defender and head into the opposing side of where the goalkeeper was expecting.

Vladimir Weiss doubled his team’s lead with some nifty footwork that allowed him to create just enough space for him to fire a low driven shot into the net of Michael Agazzi. Cagliari scored 1 goal at the last few minutes of the game with a penalty strike but it wasn’t enough for them to earn a victory.

Cagliari vs Delfino Pescara . Score: 1-2.

Cagliari v Delfino Pescara goals:

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