Cagliari vs AC Milan highlights (1-1)

Cagliari 1 vs 1 AC Milan highlights 10.2

Cagliari Vs AC Milan Highlights:Balotelli scored his 3rd goal in his 2nd appearance with the Ac.Milan jersey in which they played against Cagliari and could only get 1 point out of it. The match concluded in a 1-1 draw after Cagliari took the lead in the 1rst half and a late penalty from Balotelli equalized it.

A 45th minute header from Victor Ibarbo gave Cagliari the lead they needed to settle into the dressing room in a relaxed manner.

From the opening whistle of the match Ac.Milan was controlling every inch of the pitch but a lack of finishing did not see them actually scoring in any point. The midfield was absent of Montolivo who usually is the player pulling out the strings for Allegri’s team and his absence was being felt.

It wasn’t until a number of substitutions were made in the 2nd half when Ac.Milan was beginning to take more threatening shots thanks to the inclusion of Robinho, Bojan and Boateng they injected the boost they needed in the offensive lines.

The former player of Manchester City Balotelli was brought down by Astori inside the penalty box and the referee gave away the set piece which the forward made no mistake in firing it home and rescuing 1 point for his club.

Cagliari vs AC Milan . Score: 1-1.

Cagliari v AC Milan goals:

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