Burnley vs AFC Bournemouth highlights (3-0)

Burnley 3 vs 0 AFC Bournemouth highlights 22.2

Burnley manager Sean Dyche, speaking to Match of the Day: "It was a strange kind of game. You saw the momentum change with us in the second half because the wind was that powerful. I know you're going to ask me about some interesting moments, but I felt we had good control after that.

"I couldn't see [the Billing handball] from where I was. The players reacted, which isn't always a sign but it can be. It's a tough call. When it leads to a goal and it's an arm, it has to be given."

On Bournemouth's second disallowed goal: "It's a penalty for me. His arm comes out into an unnatural position. That one I think was right."

Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe, speaking to Match of the Day: "I've seen loads of handballs this year and very rarely has one been given in your own box. They've been very careful in terms of decisions.

"At half-time we were OK. We were in a good place. We'd played well and we were looking forward to the second half.

"It's a new one for us. Hopefully it doesn't happen to us again."

Burnley vs AFC Bournemouth . Score: 3-0.

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