Burnley vs Arsenal highlights (1-1)

Burnley 1 vs 1 Arsenal highlights 6.3

Burnley manager Sean Dyche speaking to BBC Sport: "We had to work very hard against a decent Arsenal side but the mentality of the players was outstanding.

"It is a third game in a week and the physical side of the game was tremendous. During the end of the game, the mentality to block and make sure we didn't concede was fantastic."

On the VAR incident: "I don't think he [Erik Pieters] has thrown his arm up and I do not believe it was deliberate. The referee had his red card out in a millisecond but that is what VAR is for. I know it needs streamlining but that is what it's there for.

"People know our history against Arsenal with last-minute goals and handballs but today we got the right use of VAR."

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta speaking to BBC Match of the Day: "If you don't score your big chances, if you give a goal to the opponent and you don't get the referee's decision when you need to, it is very complicated in the Premier League to win a lot of games.

"The top teams sustain results and level through 10 months in this competition and you have to come here and win the game comfortably in my opinion.

"When you have those moments in the game when you are so dominant you have to go two or three goals up and the game is over.

"We gave them a goal, it can happen in football and I demand that we play the way we do. It can happen when you play long."

Burnley vs Arsenal . Score: 1-1.

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