Burnley vs Watford highlights (1-0)

Burnley 1 vs 0 Watford highlights 25.6

Burnley manager Sean Dyche said it had "been an emotional week"
"Over seven and a half years we have built a culture and environment that behind it has a strong mentality. We bounced back after the other night," Dyche said.
"I am still here. I have had this before, still working with the players. It has been an emotional week. Someone wrote the first time in seven years I had questioned the board, I think that's pretty good."

"It is a missed opportunity but no point in dwelling on these situations," said Pearson.
"They are good at what they do and saw the game out. We have to move on. There is no point spending too much time talking about the negatives."

Burnley vs Watford . Score: 1-0.

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