Burnley vs Manchester United highlights (0-1)

Burnley 0 vs 1 Manchester United highlights 12.1

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to BBC Sport: "I'm very pleased of course. Any time you get three points you are happy. We had to dig in and earn it and we did.
"Patience and having more composure was the key. We weren't great in the first half hour and then the VAR sparked us into life. We were too hot headed at times, Harry Maguire's goal was perfectly good and I understand the lads being angry but I had to calm them down at half-time.
"I've not seen the fouls but it must be right, the referee went over to look at it. The disallowed goal - that's a mistake, we have to be honest.
"The goal was top, great execution and style. Paul Pogba really played well tonight. It would have been easier for us, we should have got the second goal but we don't do it the easy way.
"We feel very confident going into games. Away from home we have really done well. We have to believe in ourselves and we do. We've done a great job, it's good times. It's a test against the champions who have been fantastic, that's a great test for us."
Manchester United goalscorer Paul Pogba to BBC Sport: "The pass was top, I had the freedom to go and shoot, I'm really happy with the goal.
"We knew if we win we would be top of the league when we play Liverpool. We have to keep calm, now it is the big moment. We will see what is going to happen.
"It will be a beautiful game for everyone. A big game coming up so let's get ready for it."

Burnley manager Sean Dyche to Match of the Day: "It was a decent performance against a top side on decent form. We are growing into our season. Performances and results have improved.
"I'm a fan of VAR, it will streamline over time but that's a tricky one with incidents at both ends. He had to look at both. We want it to be quicker but on that one it's not easy. It was a foul by Luke Shaw, the modern game would suggest you are in trouble with that one.
"United came out second half with more tempo and they have spells when they will do that. They scored a very good goal via a deflection and Pope would save it otherwise. The reaction was terrific.
"These players give everything and you can see that at the end when we were creating chances and half chances.
"We had a tough start and we've calmed that down. It bodes well but we have to maintain it."

Burnley vs Manchester United . Score: 0-1.

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