Brentford vs Leeds United highlights (1-2)

Brentford 1 vs 2 Leeds United highlights 22.5

Brentford boss Thomas Frank :
"It's been a fantastic season - we need to evaluate the game and the season. The season has been remarkable, I don't think people understand how big of an achievement it is, It was a bad game between two teams who were a bit nervy today. Great goal and then we make two mistakes with two men off.

"We had 10 against 11 and then we equalise and then a red so I just want to praise the players for hanging in there. We had opportunities - very well done to the boys.

"There's been remarkable moments this season - the opening night against Arsenal, the 3-3 here against Liverpool, the 4-1 win at Chelsea and a lot of other nice wins so, fantastic season.

"It's tough in the Premier League - I am very proud of the club and the team so I'm looking forward to some holiday."

On Christian Eriksen: "I hope he signs for us - there's a good chance that he will but there's also a chance he'll sign for another club. We have a good relationship, known each other for many years, if that is enough for him to sign then great but I'm sure there are other factors too.

"It's fine margins between seventh and 20th in this league, I respect massively in this league that things can change. I don't believe in second season syndrome but it could happen I suppose. We want to aim as high as possible and keep building."

Brentford vs Leeds United . Score: 1-2.

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