Bologna 1909 vs Calcio Catania highlights (4-0)

Bologna 1909 4 vs 0 Calcio Catania highlights 30.9

Bologna charged past Catania as they locked horns with each other at the Renato Dall'Ara Stadium. 2 goals in each half of the game saw the hosts netting a total of 4 goals against a Catania side that did not get into the match at all.

The 1rst one arrived after a cross was whipped into the box of Catania and following a number of touches on the ball it finally landed around the spot of Tiberio Guarente who smashed it into the net. Gilardino scored the following 2 goals for his side, his 1rst one happened following a deep pass from the defender Gyorgy Garics which landed right into the legs of Gilardino and managed to slip it right by Catania’s goalkeeper Mariano Andujar and into the side of the net.

Gilardino’s 2nd and last goal was through a header as he shook off his marker and headed the ball straight into the net. Bologna sealed their victory with Panagiotis Kone taking full advantage of a rebound as he only had to tap the ball into the net with total ease.

Bologna 1909 vs Calcio Catania . Score: 4-0.

Bologna 1909 v Calcio Catania goals:

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