Bologna 1909 vs Udinese highlights (1-1)

Bologna 1909 1 vs 1 Udinese highlights 4.11

Bologna Vs Udinese Highlights: Bolona struggle to escape from the relegation spots of Serie A as they have 8 points so far in the Italian League while Udinese enjoy a better form with 14 points. Di Natale and Diamanti were both on target in today’s match that saw the final score-board displaying 1-1.

Manolo Gabbiadini was released down the left flank and with no one around him to block or close space down; he had more than enough time to slip the ball to Diamanti who scored with a simple touch that went right into the net.

In a rather lucky turn of events for the visitors, they edged out the equalizer when Math Ranegie sent a cross hoping to find Di Natale but instead it reached a defender from which it got deflected and landed to the veteran goal-scorer Di Natale who scored the equalizer.

Bologna 1909 vs Udinese . Score: 1-1.

Bologna 1909 v Udinese goals:

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