Benfica vs Barcelona highlights (0-2)

Benfica 0 vs 2 Barcelona highlights 2.10

2 games and 2 victories for the Spanish Giants Barcelona as they strolled to a 2-0 victory over Benfica in their latest Champions League challenge.

Lionel Messi was without any doubt the man of match, the Argentine forward made the assist for both of the goals scored in the game. Having only 6 minutes passed on the clock, the visitors found an opening and capitalized on it with a goal. Messi was found the left hand wing and slipped a quick pass into the center of the box and Alexis Sanchez gave his side the early lead.

The rest of the game was characterized by Barcelona just doing their usual tiki-taka style of play. Swift and short passes between each other just how they are accustomed to doing on doing.

With more and more possession being given in favor of Tito Vilanova’s side it was only a matter of time for them to find the back of the net on a 2nd time. Fabregas scored the 2nd and last goal of the fixture after Messi had made a superb solo run inside the box and later gave it to Fabregas who smashed it into the net.

This victory was bittersweet for Barcelona as Puyol was sent off the game due to a nasty injury the defender himself made after not managing to fall in a correct position and his arm twisted into the wrong position. He was quickly replaced by Alex Song.

Benfica vs Barcelona . Score: 0-2.

Benfica v Barcelona goals:

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