Belgium vs Portugal highlights (1-0)

Belgium 1 vs 0 Portugal highlights 27.6

"As a coach I couldn't be prouder," said Martinez. "We played against the best team in Europe in 'knowing how to win'. It was the biggest test there is."
Belgian football journalist Kristof Terreur told BBC Radio 5 Live: "We have been number one for 1,000 days but we haven't won anything. We have to deliver now. It is now or never for this generation.

"The real feeling I had in Russia [at the 2018 World Cup] that we were going to do it, I don't feel that now. This is tough.

"But we have winners in every position now and they have people around them who are winners. [Belgium coach] Thierry Henry, for example, was a winner and he has helped Romelu Lukaku become a winner."

Former England winger Chris Waddle added: "Looking at this Belgium team on paper, if they don't win this tournament there is something wrong.
"They have quality everywhere. I would not want to play Belgium whoever I was. Other teams looking at this draw will not want Belgium.
"Belgium will never have a better chance of winning a tournament than this.

Belgium vs Portugal . Score: 1-0.

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