Bayern Munich vs Darmstadt 98 highlights (1-0)

Bayern Munich 1 vs 0 Darmstadt 98 highlights 17.12

Bayern Munich made their way into the next round of German DFB Pokal as they grabbed a slender victory over Darmstadt 98.

Despite having more quality than their opponent, Bayern didn't have it easy as the home side were forced to battle hard for their win.

Bayern's attacking display can't seem to break down Darmstadt's defense, before Xabi Alonso broke the dead lock with his excellent shot five minutes before half time.

The Bundesliga league leader continue to push forward for more goals in the second period, but things remain tight.

Eventually, no more goals were scored by both teams as that game ended in a 1-0 victory for Pep Guardiola's men.

Bayern Munich vs Darmstadt 98 . Score: 1-0.

Bayern Munich v Darmstadt 98 goals:

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