Barnsley FC vs Millwall highlights (1-0)

Barnsley FC 1 vs 0 Millwall highlights 24.2

Barnsley keeping their survival mission going well as this weekend they grabbed an important home win over fellow bottom table dweller, Millwall. Both teams were in need of three points and immediately set off into an attacking mode, but it was the home side that made an excellent start on that tie when James O'Brien puts them in front after only four minutes of play. That early strike lasted until half time break as the game continue to look tight with both teams struggling to get more goals.

After the break, those two teams kept on pondering forward, but unfortunately none of them were successful in snatching more goals as that relegation do fight ended in Barnsley's favor. That win still isn't moving the host away from that bottom three seat though as they're still two points away from Millwall, that are placed just outside of that bottom three.

Barnsley FC vs Millwall . Score: 1-0.

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