Athletic Bilbao vs Barcelona highlights (2-2)

Athletic Bilbao 2 vs 2 Barcelona highlights 27.4

Athletic Bilbao Vs Barcelona Highlights:Athletic Bilbao hosted Barcelona in what was a tight match as 3 crucial points were up for grabs in San Mames. Messi came on in the 2nd half and sprinkled his magic into the pitch otherwise if he wouldn’t have arrived, the team of Vilanova might have lost the match.

The match gradually was picking up in a slow tempo. Sanchez was the 1rst player to test his luck with an effort that could find its intended target, moments later Alex Song and Xavi Hernandez also took shots at goal but never really frustrated the opposing goalkeeper Gorka Iraizoz.

The 1rst goal of the match arrived for the home team in the 27th minute following a counter-attack from Aduriz as he swiftly got past Pique until firing a pass over to Susaeta who made no mistake in breaking the deadlock and scoring.

Barcelona tried to get things going for themselves but they just started to look like that mediocre team that needs Messi in order to function properly. The Argentinean was sitting in the sidelines as he was being rested for their upcoming match against Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

Vilanova however decided to warm up Iniesta and Messi in the start of the 2nd half until they came on some minutes later and yet again it was Messi the engine that manufactured almost everything promising for Barcelona.

He brilliantly got his way past San Jose, Ander and Ekizaque until slipping it past the goalkeeper Gorka as the match tied up 1-1.

For Barcelona’s 2nd goal Daniel Alves delivered a cross over to Messi who rolled it to the former Juventus player Sanchez who made no mistake in putting his team ahead for the 1rst time in the game.

Barcelona leaked a late goal as Herrera scored the last goal of the encounter turning the scoreboard in 2-2.

This result rises question to the fans all over the world, is Barcelona ready for Bayern Munich?

Athletic Bilbao vs Barcelona . Score: 2-2.

Athletic Bilbao v Barcelona goals:

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