Atalanta vs Inter Milan highlights (3-2)

Atalanta 3 vs 2 Inter Milan highlights 11.11

Atalanta Vs Inter Milan Highlights:Inter Milan was unable to add points in this week’s Serie A fixture as they were held back to a persistent Atalanta side that beated them 3-2.

Less than 10 minutes and Bonaventura had already forced the opposition on conceding a goal as he made no mistake in whipping the cross from Peluso into the back of Handanovic’s net.

Guarin turned the game back to square one as he tied things up 1-1 when fired a shot that went right past Consigli at the 56th minute. Inter Milan had to wait that long in order to come back into the game.

But it did not take very long for German Denis to put his team back in the lead with 2 back to back goals that edged the scoreboard 3-1 with the home team taking a comfortable lead.

Rodrigo Palacio slipped 1 goal back later but Atalanta held their own and picked up the victory.

Atalanta vs Inter Milan . Score: 3-2.

Atalanta v Inter Milan goals:

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