Atalanta vs Udinese highlights (1-1)

Atalanta 1 vs 1 Udinese highlights 22.12

Atalanta Vs Udinese Highlights: Atalanta and Udinese remain in the mid-section of the Italian standings Serie A when both sides could only rescue 1 point each after playing at the Atletic Azzurri stadium and concluding to a 1-1 draw.

The only real chance that arrived for Udinese was their only goal of the entire match that arrived when Giovanni Pasquale was located at the left flank with more than enough space to send the ball over to Muriel who managed to reach and poke it into the net of Atalanta.

Atalanta was quick to respond when they were given a penalty strike some minutes later and German Denis was the man in charge to blast it home and equalize the match 1-1.

Antonio Di Natale was later sent into the battle-ground hoping that he could score the goal that would clinch all 3 points for Udinese but it never happened as both sides only picked up 1 point from this match.

Atalanta vs Udinese . Score: 1-1.

Atalanta v Udinese goals:

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