Aston Villa vs Sunderland highlights (6-1)

Aston Villa 6 vs 1 Sunderland highlights 30.4

Aston Villa Vs Sunderland Highlights:A hat-trick from the Belgium forward Benteke helped Aston Villa on achieving a stunning 6-1 win over Sunderland as they fought in Villa Park.

The local team started better off by taking the game under their control forcing Sunderland on sitting and waiting in their own half for a moment to take a deliver a counter-attack or just any chance they could on creating any goals.

Simon Mignolet did well on blocking a shot from entering his net but also spilled a rebound which was capitalized by Vlaar as he slipped it past the 24 years old goalkeeper.

Danny Rose however equalized the match only 2 minutes later with a shot of his own that found the back of Bradley Guzan’s net.

Goals continued arriving in this 1rst half this time with Weigmann turning the game 2-1 as he scored the last goal of this period of the encounter.

The restart of the match arrived and from there on out all eyes were on Benteke. The Belgium striker would score the next 3 goals in the time lapse of 17 minutes.

Gabriel Agbonlahor finished it all off by scoring the last goal of the match which sealed the convincing victory for his team.

Aston Villa vs Sunderland . Score: 6-1.

Aston Villa v Sunderland goals:

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